Who we are...

Winner of best choice Natural & Organic Skin care Products

Zaharah Beauty Essentials is an Australian Skin Care Company. 

we are a family owned business, we use all our products in our homes and only pass for you what we believe to be the best.

we have our values that we stand by, around quality, usage of natural ingredients that help nurture your skin and not tested on animals or use of harmful chemicals.

its quite simple really, we take pride in what we provide, so if you are not satisfied with its quality we are happy to take it back and refund you as simple as that. 

We Won Best Choice of Natural & Organic Skin care Products-Netizen’ choice Awards

Finalist of Northern District Local Business Award for most Outstanding new business

Nominee for ORIAS people’s choice Award 

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Finalist in 2018 Northern District Local Business Awards

Q: What makes your business a winner?

Outstanding new business 
local business award

Our Answer: We are a business that is committed to the local community, all our growth means more locals having extra income. we are 80% women in this company. this trophy will help send the message that local middle aged women can still win and give back to the community.

Zaharah Beauty Essentials is skin care company that is... best anti aging cream

Committed to Quality

We believe customer service is key to success. Quality should never be compromised.

So, we make sure we are timely replying to our customers inquiries, give them with the attention they well deserved and answer them clearly and honestly. so far we are receiving excellent rating for customer service and quality of the products. However, we have clear refund and return policy posted on our page that ensure customers satisfaction. 

pleased refer to our Facebook page to see our postivie feedback/reviews from customers.


Products we provide...

We are a local Australian Skin care brand,  focus on selling Facial care | Body Care and Hair Care, such as 100% natural ingredients body scrub, facial cleansers, facial

cream  and many more ..

Our skin care products are made from small batches with carefully chosen high quality driven from natural & organic ingredients.

We are currently launching portable beauty machine such as facial roller | beauty bar | handmade make up brushes etc.

Environmental Sustainability

We are committed to delivering quality products that are not tested on animals. we also ensure that our products are free of any nasty synthetics or chemicals that harm users or the environment.

We also using reusable cosmetic containers

Advantages of Using Reusable Cosmetic Containers:

Reusable - are made to be used over and over.

Durable - non absorbing and weather resistant

Safe - since it will not break like glass type, safe to use at home specially when you have kids and babies.

Recyclable-made in plastics which allows them to be recycled, creating less waste in our environment and landfills,