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Karen Mopan Masinahon “Mother of the Year 2018”

Congratulation ZBE Mother of the Year 2018

Karen Mopan Masinahon

41 yrs old

Plain Housewife

Diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer Stage 3

Status: Under medication and still following medical procedures.

Here is her story:

Year 2015 when my family and I planned to try our luck in Dubai, UAE with the help of my husband's one of the benefit is he can bring the family with him.So we grabbed it right away..

We only had our eldest daughter that time, and we decided to enroll her to school.

While we are in Dubai, we found out that I am pregnant, we were so happy and excited when we knew that I am actually bearing a child for the second time.

So we started to do a usual check-up process for pregnant, and one of the requirements

Is to undergo different laboratories. But the biggest scariest of my life just came to us, 

I WAS DIAGNOSED WITH OVARIAN CANCER STAGE 3 and what scares me alot bigger is that I had my baby inside my womb.

My husband and I was in denial stage that time.

We still had to check for second opinion with different doctors and still getting the same results Ovarian Cancer Stage 3.

We were advised to go back in the Philippines because of the critical situation I had and the family as well.

They told us that we have to be in our family to help and support us physically and mentally.

My daughter had to stop schooling and my husband had to leave his job for a month just to send us back in the Philippines and go with me for my medical check-up, medication and torrid laboratories.

I was very hearbroken that time, but I did'nt question God for what happened and I know He has a big plan for me and my family.

That time I was still puzzled why it happened and how will I accept the sudden situation I had. 

It was indeed a 360° turn of my life and the life of my family.

It was a big struggle for me and the rest of the family.

I used to cry alot, but I am very thankful that my family was very supportive back then.We also struggled for finances because the medications costs alot, I mean it really costs alot.

My series of chemotherapies, surgeries and operations, took the mass out of my body, but in critical condition because I have still the baby alive inside me that needs to carefully leave her inside.

The effects of chemotherapy was very painful, it will leave me a week or two with dizziness, vomiting, weak body and head aches and by the way I was still on my pregnancy stage that time so it was the hardest.

And because of the high cost of my medication, my family used to ask help from government istitutions here in the Philippines, we went through the usual process of going on long lines the whole day just to get discounts and free chemotherapy medicines.

We also sell chocolate brownies FOR A CAUSE with the help of relatives and friends and the proceeds were for my medications also.

Then came February 2016 when my doctors advised me to give birth to my second child earlier from my due mainly because of my situation and and the baby's welfare as well.But the doctors told us that they were not assuring us of a healthy baby because I was on a series of chemotherapies while I was pregnant and to not expect for a normal baby too.But God is very good, with my prayers and for the solid family and friends whole heartedly prayers and petition, 

I delivered a very healthy, normal, physically complete and very strong baby girl.

This was the most heart-changing experience of my life, it's indeed a biggest miracle God has given me and the whole family.

The procedure continues after giving birth, still had my operations done to completely remove the mass from my body. Then series of chemos too.

It was a long process, I still cried alot too.But today I am crying for joy and the happiness that God made me whole, He made me realised that God made small and grandest miracles for me..We just have to ask and pray for it.And He will grant you in different shapes and kind too.I am now still in process of medication but I know in God's perfect time He will grant me the biggest desire of my heart.I know today I am healed.I am happy and contented with the help and support of my family and friends.

Please help me also to pray for my total healing and deliverance.Let us continue to ask His guidance and grace.

God bless us all..

Prizes Received

Just got the gift prize from Zaharah Beauty Essentials Australia and I am very excited to use all of the items I just received from you. Since then I see to it that I won't be using face and body products that are not organic, and I am very happy to know that your products are all organic. Thank you also for choosing me to be the “Mother of the Year 2018”, I am very honored and humbled..I hope that in my own way I have inspired and touched your hearts thru my life journey.Thank you for the opportunity to share to you my story and be able to reach your hearts with the help of Zaharah Beauty Essentials, special mention to Mam Sharon Vargas for giving me the chance to share and inspire..And lastly, let us all thank God for the gift of life, for the gift of happiness and friends.Let us all celebrate life, we are woman and we deserve to be happy! God bless you more! — From: Karen 

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